My Name is Briella Angsomwine, I am 10-years old, and  I am a miracle of God in the making. My mom and dad believe that my life is a continual miracle as I was created in God's perfect image.  We all believe together that God desires to see millions of miracles through my life journey.  Please click on the above pictures and read my whole story to see  how you can help others like I was helped. 

Briella at one year old

at two years old

at four years old

Briella Means 'God is my Strength' She Would Like God to be Your Strength Also


Briella has perfected her 'way-maker' cartwheel showing God's continual process.  She knows God is healing bones around the world. Dry Bones Come Alive by Lauren Diagle is one of Briella's favorite songs. 

at nine years old

Briella - Dancing to her

reflection and victory via a rap 

about reflections

Briella sharing an introduction

about orthopedic surgery, trees, and

personal hope and courage

Briella would visit ORU often

and pray and believe in science and


My Ongoing Miracle

Interview and Video of My Journey

My Family

We appreciate your prayers and support as Briellas Journey continues to glorify God and show that God is a way-maker.