Briella's Update  - Her Miracle Shoes

Briella Takes Her First Steps

We are so excited to give everyone an update on our daughter Briella Angsomwine. Briella is now 15 ½ months old. At the one year point, we made the decision to not act upon amputating the lower leg and foot of Briella. We made a statement of faith that God would provide a way, and we would one day see her leg and foot as God created it in heaven (perfect). In October, 2014 we were given a wonderful word of encouragement by Minister Joe Jordan, who spoke Proverbs 3:26 which says “For the LORD shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken." (KJV)

It is important to note that the business of prosthetics for amputations is a huge business and money-maker. Our family sought numerous doctors and options that all quickly recommended amputation. We all kept insisting that there must be other alternatives.  Through the start-up of this website and seeking out other solutions, we learned that there is a medical discipline of Orthotics, which specializes in external bracing vs. amputation and the field of prosthetics.

In late November a doctor from Illinois who looked at he would be willing to see Briella and pursue an orthotic option of a brace. This doctor was kind enough to share the nuances between orthotics and prosthetics, and validated that the orthotic industry is often hidden behind the prosthetic industry. He conveyed that the trip was a long trip to Illinois (Chicago area) and said that we should go back to the Shriner's Children's hospital in Houston and challenge their recommendations, and state that they should have an orthotic unit that could come up with a potential solution. At the same time, another medical clinic looked at and stated the same thing as the doctor in Illinois.

In early December we took Briella to the Shriner's Children's Hospital in Houston. Sure enough, after a few minute analysis of Briella's foot and leg, the doctor stated 'We should amputate below the knee.' Immediately, we said that we heard there is a bracing unit at the hospital (known as orthotics). The doctor looked at their assistant and said go and see if the Orthotic doctor was in today. Within a few minutes the Orthotic doctor came in and said "Yes, we can design a brace for Briella and she will be able to walk with a full leg external brace". They immediately took a cast of Briella's leg to design an external brace that will allow Briella to walk – as we all wait for the fullness of a healing through God's method of surgery or divine supernatural intervention. Below is a video of Briella's new brace she received on January 7, 2015 - and Chris walking her.  This is a miracle, as a few months ago some would say, Briella would never wear a pair of shoes.

Blessing 1 - Words spoken in season - While at the Children's Hospital it became clear how 10-minutes makes all the difference in the world. The first doctor followed suite with all recommendations over the previous 14-15 months and immediately recommended amputation. However, through the prophetic and Biblical words of Joe Jordan (Proverbs 3:26) and the doctor from Illinois we got a different prognosis that felt right at the time. We thank God for each of their Words-in-season.

Blessing 2  -The Dream - Within a few weeks of the hospital visit and second opinion, I (Jessica) had a very peaceful dream. In my dream I had an ankle and foot just like my daughter Briella's. In the dream I went in for a very simple, quick and painless surgery and came out with two normal ankles and feet. I knew and others confirmed that this was God's promise personally to her that God will completely make whole the lower leg, ankle and foot of Briella - through a simple, quick and painless method. The dream that I had matched Joe Jordan's word of encouragement, and our determination and decision not to take the option that seemed to be the most recommended. I trust this will encouarge many other parents!

Blessing 3 - Reflection on Faith - We continue to be thankful and understand that Briella is an ongoing miracle. The first physician that I saw during her first weeks of pregnancy claimed that the complication she had would result in an undelivered baby. We all claimed that was a false word and that this child would be born – this child can be seen as a fully normal and functioning child of God whose miracles will continue to the Glory of God.  As parents and believers in Faith in God and His sovereign desire to make all things turn out for the good to those who call upon Him, I am pleased to hope that same faith flourishes in other people struggling with situations like this. 

Thanks for your continued support and prayers! Please feel free to share the story as we will continue to share the full story as it unfolds.

Briella's  brace and first shoes with a smile (on left)

Video of Briella walking with Dad (below)